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Health Care

Only a Healthy body enjoys a Healthy life.
Master health care products are uniquely designed which provides a soft and tender cushion that lends exact & equal support to the entire posture of the body, guarding against backache & provide lumbar support.
Ortho Spring Mattress

Your spine is the most pivotal and sensitive part of the body. Aging process of the spine can be controlled by mattress design. The backbone of this bed is its orthopedic ally designed ‘ posture- zoned’ Innerspring Unit. It provides extra support at the critical center third of the mattress where your body is the heaviest. It keeps your body supported in a straight and relaxed posture. Layers of high resilience insulation material, greater number of springs and extra support in the center third of the mattress gives Celeste Ortho a firmer feel.

Molty Ortho
Molty Ortho is a research based mattress.   Molty-Ortho is a unique surface with an ultra firm foam topped with a layer of convoluted foam. The base provides unbending support for the backache sufferers and the peaks on the convoluted layer focus the pressure relief efforts at each part of the body. It keeps your spine straight and provides a massage-like action to the gap at the lower back. Over years, Master   Molty-Ortho has been proved by customer use to be the most effective back care mattress in the market.

Molty-Ortho is recommended by doctors and is now being extensively used in hospitals as well as households.

Molty Ortho Plus

We have taken Molty-Ortho one step further to give it a plush feel. Molty Ortho-Plus is a combination of a hard mattress wrapped in a quilted corrugated sheet of very high density. This combination provides an initial softness to let the person sink into it and the hard mattress holds the person to provide support to the body.

Molty Ortho Contour Pillow

Master   MoltyContour is a pillow designed to fit into the natural contours of the neck. It supports the body contours for an anatomically correct posture. It gently supports your neck, improves breathing, and massages your neck and shoulder muscles. Several people with sleep disorders have reported relief from neck, back and headaches as well as snoring.   MoltyContour pillow eliminates tossing, turning and bad sleeping habits, taking away the strain, easing early morning neck-stiffness and backache.

MoltyContour pillow has two sides of different curves. You can use whichever side seems to fit comfortable into the contours of your neck. A layer of convoluted foam is added on top to allow gentle massage to the neck area. This especially designed pillow allows faster pressure relief and improves blood circulation to the neck.

To overcome sleeplessness, doctors recommend more people to use MoltyContour Pillow.

It takes a few days to adjust to the contours of the pillow. Initially, the contours might seem uncomfortable. Give it a few days to start spinning its magic.
Backcare II , III
Your back is damaged most while driving or working in the office without full lumbar support. The spine experiences gradual strain leading to back muscle tension, resulting in severe backache. The most effective solution, Molty BackCare, designed to maintain perfect spine alignment, provides excellent lumbar support. Its innovative contours snug fit your back to eliminate stiffness and ease blood circulation.

Whether in the office, in the car or at home, seating arrangements do not consider the support required to keep the spine in proper posture and comfortably rested. You can fill the gap at the lower part of your back with a Master Molty BackCare. We realize that modern lifestyle requires prolonged use of office chairs and cars. Many people develop back problems due to bad sitting postures. Use Master Molty BackCare and the results will be immediate. We promise immediate relief and complete protection for your back.

Simply strap your Molty BackCare cushions to your office chair or car seat, sit back and let it do the rest.